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Holy Family Home

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The Coker UMC mission teams have continued their relationship with the 50 senior ladies living in the Holy Family Home, a relationship started by our now retired missionary, Diana Upchurch.  Though their living conditions are meager and difficult, these spirit filled Christian ladies have placed their trust and lives in God's hands.
Through the years mission projects have included plumbing and electrical upgrades and cleaning, painting, and decorating the facility.  Construction of two covered patios with comfortable outdoor seating gave the ladies a cool place to enjoy the prayer gardens that the teams designed and planted.  A wall and fence was built on one side of the facility, and similiar upgrades are still needed to prevent flooding and provide security.
The ladies were given a new sewing machine and fabric to make and repair curtains and clothing.


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Or mail your donation to: Heart for Guyana, c/o 128 Faith Ln., Bayfield, CO 81122


Mission teams have conducted vision screenings and provided reading and sun glasses.  They have distributed donated Bibles and Christian periodicals, some in large print format.  Over the counter medicines and vitamins are left with  Fayon, a qualified first aid responder who dispenses them to the ladies.
For the past two years many talented Coker women have sewn beautiful patio dresses for the senior ladies and added necklaces, toiletries, undies, and calendars.  This year they have creatively decorated Coker tote bags filled with much needed umbrellas and underwear.  These hand made gifts have provided personal links between the ladies from Coker and Guyana.
More important than all these projects have been the personal relationships the teams have formed with the ladies.  Their smiles, hugs, hymn singing, prayers, and shared communion have filled the teams with joy, inspiration, and appreciation.  For a short time we are honored and humbled to be "His Hands and Feet" for these grateful ladies.  As we leave each year, the ladies assure us that "by the Grace of God" they will welcome us back on our next visit.  Come join us for this life changing experience.


Who's the happiest?

The volunteers or the recipient? 

     One of our Team,s efforts in Guyana is to make connections on the ground and then match them with missions. Shown above are volunteers from the St. John's Ambulance Corp which is trained by Fayon Jordan.

    The women of the Corp volunteered to do the hair and nails of the women at the elder care center, Holy Family Home.