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      The Amerindians are the indigenous people of the Amazon jungle; their people are located in several countries in South America that include the area of the jungle. 


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      In this village are about 350 people over a 15 square mile area. It is located on the bank of a lake which is one of 3 waterways you cross on your journey to the village. One crossing is the Essequibo River which is 18 miles wide.    .

         Just this year the government provided many of the huts a solar panel and one 25 watt light bulb each..

    The Amerindians are a wonderful group of folks; like all of us they desire to be happy and raise their families.



The 35 members of Mountainside Worship, an inter-denominational fellowship in the Colorado mountains, commissioned a Team of four individuals to go to an Amerindian village August 30th to install much needed water storage tanks.

The village of 350 (e) relies mostly on untreated water directly from a lake (which is the color of a glass of dark ice tea). The church provided $1,700 along with a generous gift from a dentist in San Antonio, TX ( Dr. Kent Hamilton) to purchase the six water tanks along with the gutters and PVC needed to install the tanks on the village meeting hall and three private huts. The tanks at the meeting hall will serve approximately six huts, the children's school and the meeting hall.

The three private huts were chosen for their location close to other homes so that a total of 16 other homes could be serviced by the other two tanks.

Besides the installation of the water tanks the Team also held an eye clinic providing over 300 pairs of reading and sunglasses to the villagers. A survey was done to identify which villagers were affected by Pterigium, a scalling over the eye as a result of constant exposure to the bright sun in the region; just 80 miles from the equator. The hope is that in the near future these individuals can be sent to Georgetown for treatment.

The Team also provided Communion for the village and left some basic medical supplies for the village with the Peace Corp volunteer that is stationed there.

With additional funds the church provided the Team was able to purchase a four month supply of powdered milk for the Hope Children's Home. (see below and the Hope Home page for additional info)





     This picture shows the children of a village during recess at school running down to the lake to drink water. The water in the lake is darker than a glass of ice tea and there are visable waterborn bugs in the water.

     In 2008 a decision was made that instead of constantly treating the stomach ailments of the children, we would begin providing a means for the village to obtain better water.

     It is hoped that if financing can be obtained that we can use water pressure from a mobile compressor to drill wells through the sand, as is done in other areas of the Amazon. It will cost about $1,750 per well; the village needs about 2-4 wells.

     Until the funding can be found, water collection tanks were the next option. Mountainside Worship in Colorado provided enough funds in Sept. 2008 to install 4 water tanks and the necessary gutters and PVC. These tanks are now full of water and being used by the children while at school; or at least most of them - more education is needed to teach them the importance of using safe water and unfortunately their parents are sometimes not a big help as their custom for hundreds of years has been to drink out of the lakes and streams.

    4-6 more tanks are needed to be placed in throughout the jungle at homes that are close to home clusters so the maximum amount of people will have water.

     Water wells are still needed because the village does go through long periods of no rain twice a year.



Eye Glass Clinic

    The children line up for the eyeglass clinic held by members of the Coker United Methodist Church, San Antonio, TX.

    Over 300 pairs of reading glass and sunglasses have been issued. Also, almost 60 pairs of prescription glasses were made for villagers. Some who have never seen clearly in their lives! Broad smiles, tears and even some shouts were heard when some of the parents saw their children clearly for the first time.

    Mel, the Peace Corp volunteer continues to test even though the Team has left and glasses are sent as needed.

    More needs to be done due to the brightness and duration of the sun so close to the equator which has caused many in the village to have Pterigium, a scalling over the eyes.


    An Ophthalmologist is urgently needed to go down with a Team to perform the surgery. Mercy Hospital in Georgetown has agreed to allow the doctor to use their facilities. Arrangements for transportation and lodging of the patients has already been completed.

PLEASE if you are or know an ophthalmologist - contact us !!!




     One of the children showing off her new pair of sunglasses.

These are precious children

How little it takes to keep their eyes safe; in this case about $3 a child.

Can you help?



     Here are children receiving some books donated by a member of  Mountainside Worship in Colorado and the 1st United Methodist Church, Cheyenne, WY.. The children were especially excited as these books will be kept by the Peace Corp volunteer at the village who can check them out to the children to take home to read and practice their reading skills. LOOK at the smiles!! Thank you Mountainside Worship and 1st United Methodist Church for allowing us to receive the hugs from these precious children that rightfully belong to you....

     Currently a "children's library"is being built by volunteers and Teams going down. This will be privately funded so that the books donated can be checked out at any time.  An outside patio has been built by a  team last February (so the children can read at the library and receive tutoring).

     $3,500 is still needed to finish the project. If you or your church can help please let us know....



    Most of the villagers are hungry for the Word of Jesus Christ. Many travel a long way on foot to join in Communion, here offered by Pastor Sharon Stewart of San Antonio, TX.

     There have been several attempts for a full time church at this village, but due to its remoteness all have failed. It may be some time between services and especially Communion. We encourage all Teams going to be prepared to offer Communion. It is a wonderful experience for all involed.

    The children also love Bible stories and books. If you love to be surrounded by children, just open a book and begin reading!

    Bibles and children's Bible story books are ALWAYS needed. Let us know if you or your church can donate new/used childrens books of any kind.   Thank you!