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How much is a lonely child's laughter worth?


Can you make a difference? Of Course! (see picture in the righthand column....)

Here is a picture of Dominic. When he arrived at Hope Children's Home at age 14 months he weighed only 5 pounds and his chances of survival were questionable. After care provided, through generous donations from people like you, in just 4 months his improvement was dramatic!!


Here's Dominic today !!
He's already in school and if he's walking he's talking...
He's a live bundle to hold on to as he always wants to be involved in what's going on in the room or out on the playground.
THANK YOU to all that help with your funds, your prayers and your love.


Churches like 1st United Methodist Church in Cheyenne, WY are a very important part of our efforts in Guyana. Altough the church of 500 also go to Guatemala, works on Habitat, soup kitchens and teen ministries in Cheyenne thankfully they also appreciate the needs of the children in Guyana. What a blessing!





Ken Baker getting hugs and kisses of appreciation from the ladies at Holy Family Elder Center in Georgetown, Guyana

You too can make a difference!

   How? By getting involved. Many folks ask us how could I make a difference, I don't have any skills, I'm too old, I could only help once etc. etc.   


Joe Butcher for the long hours he has and will spend on editing this site and making sense out of what we are trying to say and how we say it. Thank you again Joe!